what we do

Shipping Agent

With 16 offices in Brazilian ports, from Rio Grande to Belém and nation-wide coverage in co-operation with experienced sub-agents network, Orion is able to offer high level service in all Brazilian Coast, centralizing fund flows in the Head Office.

Liner Agent

Present with own offices in the ports of Rio Grande, Porto Alegre, Imbituba, Itajaí, São Francisco do Sul, Paranaguá, Santos, Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro, Porto de Açu, Vitória, Salvador, Fortaleza, São Luís, Belém e Vila do Conde, Orion is able to offer a complete support to Liner Carriers, including an aggressive commercial canvassing in Porto Alegre, Blumenau, Joinville, Curitiba, Itajaí, São Paulo, Vitória, Rio de Janeiro and Belém industrial areas.

Stevedoring Company

Operating as a stevedoring company in then public ports where we are established with own offices, we are ready to provide safe and efficient solutions for loading and discharging at a reasonable cost. We count with our own grabs and hoppers for bulk operations as well as forklifts and reach stackers for general cargo and containers.


Permanently in contact with operations along all Brazilian coast, Orion is a quick reference to find a cargo to your vessel or a vessel to your cargo.

Lease of Port Equipments

We can offer for lease, forklifts and reach stackers for general cargo/containers (ranging from 3,5 tons up to 37 tons) and sets of hydraulic grabs for handling dry bulk commodities. We are able to place our grabs available on any Brazilian port, transported by truck in sets of three grabs duly road licensed and covered by our insurance policy. Experienced grab technicians 24 hours shinc available and ready to attend for smoothly handling and operation of our grabs. We are always looking forward to offer reliable and efficient port equipments to our customers, reason why our grabs receiving constant maintenance to achieve the best productivity.

Rio Grande* - Porto Alegre - Imbituba - Itajaí - São Francisco do Sul
Paranaguá - Santos* - Itaguaí - Rio de Janeiro - Açu - Vitória
Salvador - Fortaleza - São Luís - Vila do Conde - Belém

  • * Unidades Certificadas