our culture

The company was built over and it is sustained by seven solid corporative values which are
deeply disseminated in the roots of the organizational culture, and which we believe are the
source of our differentiation:


We believe that the mainstay to the company´s continuation is always be seen as a trustful company, by our customers, collaborators, partners and by the communities that we are part of.


We work to be recognized as a superior source of knowledge about the markets where we act.


We establish a promptness mentality that must flow all the organization aiming at answering, with the minimum necessary time, all the demands presented by our customers, partners, authorities and collaborators.


We are a fast-moving company, willing to competitively respond to the changes in our customers and the needs of the market.


We are always looking forward to the most efficient way to achieve our goals, advancing to the customers future needs and to the markets’ opportunities.


Gathering only people who like and are proud of what they do, we establish a happy and positive internal environment and we project this welfare sensation to everyone interacting with us.


In view of who we are and what we believe, we make this company an option with high level of value creation and we maintain the necessary conditions to gear our growth in a sustainable way along the time.

Rio Grande* - Porto Alegre - Imbituba - Itajaí - São Francisco do Sul
Paranaguá - Santos* - Itaguaí - Rio de Janeiro - Açu - Vitória
Salvador - Fortaleza - São Luís - Vila do Conde - Belém

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